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Designed by the Special Education Web Master
About this site

This site was designed as a graduate project for EDUC 220i: Developing World Wide Web Materials for Educators, Spring 1997, at George Washington University-Educational Technology and Leadership Program. I am a Speech-Language Pathologist currently on Educational Leave of Absence (ELWOP) from the Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS), pursuing an interest in computers and access to technology by the disabled.

My main goal in designing the site is to provide a comprehensive directory of resources, for the Special Education personnel working in overseas locations, that can assist them in their daily work settings with special needs students and expand their professional development opportunities. A second goal is to try to design the site so that it contains accessibility features i.e. text descriptions for graphics, fast loading pages, limited number of graphics, icons, images, easy navigation, to accommodate the needs of disabled users and those non-disabled users that have limited bandwidth, slow speed connectivity, older hardware, text-only browsers etc.

A globe, marked with a grid, tilts at an angle. A keyhole is cut into its surface. This Web Access Symbol may be used by webmasters to denote that their site contains accessibility features to accommodate needs of disabled users. Feel free to copy this symbol or visit the National Center for Accessible Media to learn more about the web access project.

D3.                                                                E-mail any comments or suggestions for additional resources to:

 Special Education Web Master
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Last Update 8/10/99

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Professional Associations
and Related Organizations

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Education and Federal Government Sites


Have fun searching these sites to learn more about technology, special education, and related issues.


University Programs:     (Return to Top)

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Teacher Resources


The following links will connect you to information on special needs students, teaching and assessment materials, assistive technology, and hardware/software needs.




  • Teach Net-Teacher's network for materials, education issues etc.
  • Classroom Connect-Internet made easy for K-12, teacher contacts, materials etc.
  • The Well Connected Educator-An on-line publishing center community of educators, administrators, parents interested in using technology for teaching and learning at the Global Schoolhouse project
  • Technical Assistnce Center for Professional Development Partnerships-Professional development and educational resources organized at the state, national, and internationl level. On-line publications, bibliographic data base, upcoming conferences, products etc.
  • Internet SEEDS-A guide to the Internet (and especially the WWW) for teachers, administrators, and students.
  • Children's Literature Web Guide -This site gathers and categorizes Internet resources related to books for Children and Young Adults as well as movies about books.
  • Center for Creative Play -Toy and technology lending library with a play center for children of all abilities.
  • Teacher/PathFinder:An Educational Internet Village-This site has abundant general education resources by curriculum areas, professional development topics, and parent resources.
  • Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators -A classified list of sites on the Internet found to be useful for enhancing curriculum and teacher professional growth.
  • Dave's ESL Cafe -A collection of resources to help the ESL student in the regular classroom.  Lot's of exciting new material being added monthly.
  • The Dyslexia Page-A good set of beginning resources for teachers  to learn more about dyslexia.
  • Tales of Wonder -  A wonderful archive of Folk and Fairy Tales from around the world to enrich your Language Arts curriculum.
  • Internet Resources for Special Children-Communicates information relating to the needs of children with disabilities on a global basis. Extensive list of disability links.
  • Family Village-A cornucopia of useful information on disability-related resources plus a discussion and chat area.
  • National Center to Improve Practice in Special Education Through Technology
  • Apple: The Disability Connection-Worldwide disability solutions, adaptive technology, software library (freeware/shareware), and Convomania-a website designed for sick and disabled children to share their feelings and ideas in a cyber-community setting.
  • Accessibility Support-Technical assistance and information provided by Microsoft to enable disabled individuals to use computers more effectively.
  • Project Pursuit-Wealth of resources including disability information, educational accommodations resources, lessons on assistive technology, disability information servers and much more.
  • Yahoo Special Education-Search engine starting point to investigate many areas of Special Education.
  • Special Needs Education Network (SNE)-Provides Internet resources specific to parents, teachers, and other professionals involved in the education of students with special needs.
  • Special Education Resources on the Internet (SERI)-A collection of Internet accessible information resources of interest to those involved in the fields related to Special Education..

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    Special Topics


    Assistive Technology & Web Accessibility

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    Autism and PDD

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    Deaf and Hearing Impaired Culture             (Return to Top)

    Blind and Visually Impaired   D7.

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    Disability Rights D8.

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    Parent Education and Support


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    The following addresses are provided for your convenience, to contact the current Special Education Coordinators regarding professional issues via mail, phone, or Fax. To send an email message, just click on the highlighted link.

    (Go to Headquarters)  (Go to Area Offices)  (Go to District Offices)  (Return to Home Page)

    Headquarters   D9.
    David Burket                                                                    
    4040 Fairfax Drive                                                              
    Arlington, VA  22203-1635                                               
    Off: 703-696-4492 ext. 147                                      
    Fax: 703-696-8924                                                               
    email: david_burket@odedodea.edu                                
    Lorie Sebestyen                                                         
    4040 Fairfax Drive                                                              
    Arlington, VA  22203-1635                                               
    Off: 703-696-4492                                                                               
    Fax: 703-696-8924                                                               
    email: lorie_sebestyen@odedodea.edu              
    Dr. Rebecca Posante 
    Office of Family Policy
    Boston Tower #3, Suite 917
    4015 Wilson Boulevard
    Arlington, VA 22203-5190
    Off: 703-696-5733
    Fax: 703-696-4276
    email: rebecca_posante@odedodea.edu
    Carie Rothenbacher
    4040 Fairfax Drive
    Arlington, VA 22203-1635
    Off: 703-696-4492 ext.151
    Fax: 703-696-8924
    email: carie_rothenbacher@odedodea.edu
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    Area Offices  D9. 
    Ms. Felicia Van Heertum                                                                 
    DoDDS-Pacific Office                                                            
    PSC 556, Box 796                                                                        
    FPO  AP  96386-0796                                                                     
    Off: 011-81-98-876-8485                                         
    Fax: 011-81-6117-453011                                                 
    email: felicia_van_heertum@odedodea.edu  
    Mr. Jann Williams
    Instructional System Specialist
    DoDDS-Europe Area Office
    CMR 443, Box 125
    APO AE 09096
    Off: 011-49-611-380-7662
    Fax: 011-49-611-380-7565
    email: jann_williams@odedodea.edu
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    District Offices D9.
    Marcia Mason Blom                                                               
    DoDDS-Korea District                                                            
    Unit 15549, Box 115                                                             
    APO  AP 96205                                                                           
    Off: 011-82-2-7918-5197                                         
    Fax: 011-82-2-7918-4280                                         
    email: marcia_blom@odedodea.edu
    Dr. Jane Davis
    DoDDS-Turkey District
    PSC 94, Box 3148
    APO AE 09824
    Off: 011-90-322-346-2203/2183
    Fax: 011-90-322-346-1939
    email: jane_davis@odedodea.edu
    Donald Ratchford                                                                
    DoDDS-Panama District                                                   
    Curundu Elementary School                                                                                     
    APO  AA  34002                                                                  
    Off: 011-507-285-4345                                           
    Fax: 011-507-285-4345                                         
    email: donald_ratchford@odedodea.edu
    Ms. Susan Gurley
    Special Education Coordinator
    DoDDS-Japan District
    Unit 5072
    APO AP 96328-5072
    Off: 011-81-425-52-2511 ext.57763
    Fax: 011-81-425-52-2511-57888
    email: susan_gurley@odedodea.edu
    John Avera                                                                              
    DoDDS-Wuerzburg District                                                
    417 BBS, Unit 26124                                                             
    APO  AE  09031                                                                  
    Off: 011-49-9321-37914                                          
    Fax: 011-49-9321-37815                                          
    email: john_avera@odedodea.edu
    Mr. Shirral D. Jennings
    DoDDS-Hessen District
    Unit 7565, Box 29
    APO AE 09050-0029
    Off: 011-49-69-695-80324/312
    Fax: 011-49-69-693258
    email: shirral_jennings@odedodea.edu
    Ms. Diana Patton                                                                
    Special Education Liaison                                               
    DoDDS-Italy District                                                            
    APO  AE  09630-0005                                                             
    Off: 011-39-444-51-8457                                         
    Fax: 011-39-444-30-2541                                         
    email: diana_patton@odedodea.edu
    Ms. Joyce Rankl
    DoDDS-United Kingdom District
    Unit 5185, Box 470
    APO AE 09464
    Off: 011-44-1638-52-7226
    Fax: 011-44-1638-52-7243
    email: joyce_rankl@odedodea.edu
    Ms. Nadine R. Sapiente                                          
    DoDDS-Benelux District                                                  
    PSC 79, Box 3                                                                           
    APO  AE  09724                                                                  
    email: nadine_sapiente@odedodea.edu
    Ms. Ann Vidolovits-Moore
    DoDDS-Kaiserslautern District
    Unit 3405
    APO AE 09094
    Off: 011-49-631-351370
    Fax: 011-49-631-98762
    email: ann_vidolovits-moore@odedodea.edu
    Ms. Becky Vinson                                                                
    DoDDS-Okinawa District                                                  
    Unit 5166                                                                                       
    APO  AP  96368-5166                                                             
    Off: 011-81-98-939-5269                                         
    Fax: 011-81-611-734-1399                                        
    email: becky_vinson@odedodea.edu
    Ms. Pat Wilson
    DoDDS Heidelberg District
    CMR 419, Box 16131
    APO AE 09102
    Off: 011-49-6221-768081
    Fax: 011-49-6221-761883
    email: pat_wilson@odedodea.edu
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      School-to-Work National Office-This site has the latest on legislation, special STW topics, articles, grant programs, educational materials,  and related sites.
      National Transition Alliance For Youth with Disabilities-The NTA tries to maximize opportunities for youth transitioning from school to work.  Good list of State Transition resources and links to on-line databases.
      Vocational Education Resources-Wealth of material on career and job information, legislation, publications, curriculum materials, and training.
      Technology Link for Careers- Introduces young people with disabilities to careers in high-tech fields.  Tours of upcoming events and related links available.
      New Horizons Regional Education Center (NHREC)-Good examples of high school vocational, technical,  special education, and apprenticeship programs in Hampton, VA are highlighted.  Lot's of Internet and K-12 resources are also included.
      School-to-Work Outreach Project-This site shares information generated from the School-to-Work Outreach Project to improve work opportunities for students with disabilities.
      The Job Accommodations Network-An international toll-free consulting service that provides information about job accommodations and the employability of people with disabilities.  Don't miss the points of interest pages with over 180 links.
      Transition from High School to College-Step by step guide to help your students prepare for college while in high school.
      School-to-Work Employment and Training Administration -Extensive resource on school-to-work models, topic areas, organization, products, research and more at the Department of Labor.
      SCANS/2000-Information on research at Johns Hopkins University regarding SCANS competencies used in education programs, special projects. and publications.
      95 SCANS and the New Vocationalism -An ERIC document discussing the history of SCANS, state and local efforts, overseas education programs (DoDDS), and resources.
      Job Bank USA-Specializes in providing employment and resume information services to job candidates, employers, and recruitment firms.  Resumes can be submitted as a free service.
      National Center for Research in Vocational Education (NCRVE)-The nation's largest center for research and development in work-related education supported by the U.S. Department of Education.
      K-12 Vocational Sites-This site contains links to WWW pages maintained by K-12 vocational programs and other related sites.
      School-to-careers Web Guide-The site was designed to facilitate the distribution of School-to-Work information to educators, students, and businesses.  Explore the curriculum guide, STW catalog, and links.
      Academic Innovations-Examples of STW presentations on Career Exploration  Brainstorming and Job Interview Night to help prepare your students.  Also check out their home page for resources, books, and hot sites.
      ERIC -Adult, Career, Vocational, Educational Clearinghouse- Provides comprehensive information publications, and services in career, vocational-technical education, and workforce preparation.
      Skills Net-This site is the "research voice" for the grassroots movement to deploy a National Skills Infrastructure.  Check out their library, resource list, job bank, list serv and more.
      Careers On-Line at University of Minnesota-Provides job search and  employment information to people with disabilities.
      Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Vocational Education and Tech Prep -An A to Z list of resources for school-to-work, careers, and vocational education you'll want to check out.
      School to Work -52 additional school-to-work resources to investigate.
      Facts about Transition from School to Work and Community Life-Resource guide for learning about the language of the law regarding school-to-work.
      1996-97 Occupational Outlook Handbook -First stop for investigating future job trends with patterns listed by occupation.  Useful reference tool for jobs, requirements etc.

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    Inclusive Education


       Utah's Project for Inclusion-Information about state projects, training and support, resource library, conferences, and related links.
       National Center to Improve Practices in Special Education (NCIP)
       Writers Press:-is a publisher of educational literature including children's books on inclusion.
       Circle of Inclusion -An outreach training project designed to address the challenges and issues of inclusive program development for children with severe, multiple disabilities.
       Inclusion:School as a Caring Community -Handbook for teachers seeking success with inclusion.  Links to relevant field notes, resources, and a discussion area to "ask an expert".
       Inclusion Checklist -Concise one page handout for teacher, parents, and community members.
       Inclusive Education Web Site-Learn about the Whats and How Tos of Inclusive Education, basic guidelines for teaching in an inclusive classroom, and resources for learning more about the topic.
       Special Needs Education Network (SNE)-This site contains information and resources related to Inclusion and Integration.
       Florida Inclusion Network-The latest happenings in FL public schools, a chat room, links to other sites, and teacher to teacher area to submit questions.
       Inclusion Press Home Page -This site includes general information on inclusion, offers books and videos for sale, newsletter, catalogs, workshops, articles, and resources.
       Friends of Inclusion Resource Page-Extensive list of links covering all aspects of inclusion from recommended readings to literacy and school resources.
       Inclusive Education Resources-On-line articles, newsletters, recommended readings, research, web sites, workshops etc. from the The Family Village School.
       Bandaids & Blackboards-Wealth of new material -by children -for children -on inclusion of children with chronic illnesses.
       Kids R Kids -A new site providing helpful resources to enhance the quality of life for children with disabilities while promoting inclusion for all kids.
       Inclusion and Education Related Resources-This site contains a comprehensive list of organizations to contact.
       Including Students with Disabilities in General Classrooms-ERIC document about attitudes and beliefs, school support, collaboration, instructional methods, and making it work.
       Integrating Students with Severe Disabilities-ERIC Document about benefits of integrating these students into the classroom, facilitating integration, problems to overcome, open door policy, and non-disabled students supporting integration efforts.
       Including Students with Disabilities: Mini bibliography-Start your research here to investigate this timely topic using ERIC documents.
       Institute on Community Integration: a University of Minnesota Affiliated Program, focuses on state-of-the-art information and practices that support the community integration  of individuals with disabilities. This site includes access to information about Institute services, projects, publications, reports, and online resources.
       Inclusion & Parent Advocacy: A Resource Guide-this comprehensive resource tool describes 265 books, videotapes, pamphlets, and other materials that can help libraries, parents, educators, child care centers, and other service providers plan for and implement inclusion.

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    DoDDS Special Education Parent Guide


      Introduction: *Cover, Credits, Contents, and a Message for Parents (112K)

      Section One: *Key Elements of Special Education (208K)

       Section Two: *The Process From Early Intervention to Post School Transition (128K)

       Section Three: *Making the Partnership Work (144K)

       Section Four: *Glossary of Terms (160K)

       Section Five: *Resources For Parents (160K)

       Section Six: *Partners in Special Education:  A Parent Guide (465K) 

    *The files are in portable document format (pdf.) and can be viewed by downloading the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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    Site Visits


         1.  Computer/Electronics Accommodations Program (CAP)
         2.   Fairfax County Instructional Technology Services (ITS)

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