DoDDS Special Education Parent Guide

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Introduction: *Cover, Credits, Contents, and a Message for Parents (112K)

Section One: *Key Elements of Special Education (208K)

   Section Two: *Early Intervention to Post School Transition (128K)

   Section Three: *Making the Partnership Work (144K)

   Section Four: *Glossary of Terms (160K)

   Section Five: *Resources For Parents (160K)

   Sections One-Five: *Partners in Special Education:  A Parent Guide (465K)

Parent Rights and Responsibilities  June 2008   (269K)

Parent Handbook on Special Education

Transporting our Future:  A DoDEA Guide for Transporting Students with Disabilties   ( 45 pages long)

Special Education Procedural Guide  and CSC Forms, September 2005  (2500.13 (M)   (319 pages long)
       (Please be patient, it  may take a few minutes to download)  


*The files are in portable document format (pdf.) and can be viewed by downloading the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

   DoDEA Special Education


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