2001 NAP Members

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PACIFIC Representatives

(Position currently open, in selection process) – Special Education Specialist

(Position currently open, in selection process) – Parent

LTC Mark Russell – Education & Developmental Intervention Provider, USN

(Position currently open, in selection process) – Parent

Ms. Gladys Blount – General Education Teacher (Co-Chairperson)

EUROPE Representatives

Mr. John Avera – Special Education Specialist

Ms. Jan Osier – Special Education Teacher

Mr. Danny Grant – General Education Teacher

Ms. Ann Gasparini–Special Education Teacher

Ms. Pamela Smith–Parent (Co-Chairperson)

U.S. Representatives

Ms. Diana Patton, Instructional Systems Specialist, DoDEA Special Education–NAP Manager


Ms. Laurie Schraml, Special Education Advocate, Montgomery County, MD

Ms. Roxane Kaufman, Project Coordinator, National Early Childhood Technical Assistance System-(NEC*TAS)

Dr. Pamela Leconte, Director of Collaborative Vocational Education, George Washington University