1. Authority:

a. Defense Dependentsí Education Act of 1978, section 1409, Public Law 95-561, 20 U.S.C. 927.

b. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Amendments of 1991, October 7, 1991, Public Law 102-119 (20 U.S.C. 1400 et. seq.).

2. Official Designation: The Overseas Dependentsí Schools National Advisory Panel (NAP) on the Education of Dependents with Disabilities (the Panel).

3. Objectives and Scope: The Panel, among other duties, (a) advises the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness USD (P&R) and the Director, Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA)/Director, DoD Dependents Schools (DoDDS) of unmet needs within the system for the education of children with disabilities; (b) comments publicly on any DoDEA rule or standard regarding the education of children with disabilities; and (c) assists DoDEA in matters that have been identified as areas of concern by the USD (P&R) or the Director, DoDEA.

4. Time Required to Carry Out the Purpose of the Panel: In accordance with DoD Instruction 1342.12, the Panel shall continue in existence indefinitely, or until such time as subsequent legislative changes are made.

5. Official to Whom the Panel Reports: The Panel reports to the USD (P&R) and the Director, DoDEA/Director, DoDDS.

6. Agency Responsible for Providing Support Services: The Department of Defense (DoD) provides support services to the Panel.

7. Structure: The Panel shall consist of members appointed by the Secretary of Defense or a designee. Membership shall include at least one representative from each of the following groups:

(1) Persons with disabilities.

(2) The DoDDS special education teachers.

(3) The DoDDS regular education teachers.

(4) Parents of children, aged 3 to 21, inclusive, who are receiving special education from the DoDDS.

(5) The staff personnel of the DoDDS Headquarters.

(6) Special education program managers from the DoDDS field activities.

(7) Representatives of the military departments and overseas commands, including providers of related services.

(8) Providers of the DoD early intervention services.

(9) Other appropriate persons.

8. Functions of the Panel. The Panel shall:

a. Review information regarding improvements in services provided to children with disabilities, aged 3 to 21, inclusive, in the DoD.

b. Receive and consider comments from parents, students, professional groups, and individuals with disabilities.

c. When necessary, establish committees for short-term purposes comprised of representatives from parent, student, professional groups, and individuals with disabilities.

d. Review the findings of fact and decision of each impartial due process hearing conducted pursuant to DoD Instruction 1342.12.

e. Assist in developing and reporting such information and evaluations as may assist the DoD.

f. Make recommendations based on program and operational information for changes in policy and procedures in the budget, organization, and general management of the special education program.

g. Comment publicly on rules or standards regarding the education of children with disabilities, from birth through age 21 years.

h. Submit an annual report of its activities and suggestions to the USD (P&R) and the Director, DoDEA/Director, DoDDS, by July 31 of each year.

i. Perform such other tasks as may be requested by the USD (P&R) or the Director, DoDEA/Director, DoDDS.

9. Length of term: The NAP members shall serve under appointments that shall be for a term not to exceed 3 years. Any member appointed to fill a vacancy occurring before the expiration of the term for which his or her predecessor was appointed shall serve for the remainder of such term. No member appointed shall serve more than two full terms on the panel. The Director, DoDEA/Director, DoDDS convenes the NAP meeting. A chairperson and vice-chairperson shall be elected by the membership at an annual meeting. The chairperson shall appoint one panel member to represent each DoDDS field area to serve on the executive committee of the panel. The executive committee shall consist of the chairperson, vice-chairperson, and one member representative from each of the DoDDS field areas.

10. Estimated Annual Operating Cost: The estimated annual operating cost for the Panel is $25,000, which includes travel and per diem for members, but excludes staff support and compensation to members for serving on the panel.

11. Number and Frequency of Meetings: At least one annual meeting shall be scheduled in the spring with an additional meeting, to be held in the fall of each year, at the discretion of the Panel. Subcommittees established by the Panel shall meet as necessary to conduct their business.

12. The Panel will operate in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, P.L. 92-463, and DoD Directive 5105.4, "Department of Defense Federal Advisory Committee Management Program."

13. Date Charter Filed: 23 July 1998

SUMMARY: The NAP on the Education of Dependents with Disabilities advises the DoDEA on matters affecting the education of children with disabilities and performs other functions as requested by the USD (P&R) and the director, DoDEA/Director, DoDDS. This is a renewal of the Panel's charter, which was published originally in the Federal Register on July 22, 1982 (47 Fed. Ref. 31718; FR DoD. 82-18870).