Moderate/Severe Program
Assistive Technology
Start Up Package

1. Computer Access

Windows 7 operating system, CD Rom, sound card and speakers, 64 megabytes memory (Current Government lease)
Alternative Keyboard- IntelliKeysUSB (IntelliTools)
Big Red or Jelly Bean Switch (AbleNet), or Button Buddy Switch (TASH or Don Johnston)
Switch Interface (Mayer-Johnson)
Mini headphones for the computer
TouchWindow (Riverdeep/Magic Touch)

2. Writing

Primary & # 2 Pens/pencils with adapted grips
Wicki sticks
Slant board
Interactive WhiteBoard
Adapted paper
Picture It  and Pix Writer (by Slater software)
Writing With Symbols 2000 (Don Johnston Co., Mayer-Johnson)
Write Out Loud, Version 6 (software by Don Johnston)

3. Reading

Adapted books (by Mayer Johnston or make your own)
Electronic Books-CD Roms, assorted titles (Living Books series by Broderbund)
Audio Books on Tape
Picture It and PixReader (by Slater software)
Bailey’s Bookhouse (software by Riverdeep/Learningneeds) & Overlays for IntelliKeys
UkanDu Little Books (software by Don Johnston)
Story Time Tales Delux (software by Don Johnston)
Simon Sound It Out (software by Don Johnston)
Let’s Go Read! (software by Don Johnston)
Edmark Reading Program, Level 1 & Level 2 Software (software by Edmark/RiverDeep)

4. Math

Math Line (Don Johnston)
Millie’s Math House (Riverdeep/Learningneeds software) & Overlays for IntelliKeys
Talking Calculator (Attainment)
Math Pad (IntelliTools Classroom Suite software) & Overlays for IntelliKeys
Trudy’s Time and Place House (Edmark/RiverDeep software) & Overlays for IntelliKeys USB
Tactile/voice output measuring devices (i.e. ruler, clock)

5. Communication

Step-by Step Communicator with Levels (Ablenet)
Speech Output Software-IntelliTalk 4 from IntelliTools Classroom Suite 4.2(software by IntelliTools)
Teach Me To Talk (software by SoftTouch)
Talk Companion Activities #1 (software by SoftTouch)
Monkeys Jumping On The Bed (software by SoftTouch)
Boardmaker Plus! ver 6.2 (interactive software by Mayer Johnson),
Picture Exchange Communication System (PCS)
Picture Cue Dictionary-Life Skills Picture cues (software by Attainment)
with IntelliKeys Overlays (IntelliTools); IntelliTools Classroom Suite ver. 4.2 (By IntelliTools)
Tech/Talk; Tech/Speak by (AMDi); GoTalk4+, 9+, 20+, or Pocket Go Talk by (Attainment)

6. Functional Life Skills

Toward Independence (software by Attainment)
Big Bundle (software by Attainment)
Community Success (software by Attainment)
Community Guides (Attainment)
Social Skills at Work (software by Attainment)
Auditory Cueing Devices (Attainment)

7. Recreation/Leisure

Kid Pix (software by Broderbund)
Blocks In Motion (Don Johnston)
Adapted Toys and Activity Centers (Crestwood, Enabling Devices, AbleNet)
Compiled by
Assistive Technology Consultant

Last Update: 1/07/14

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