Software Recommendations

Preschool Children with Disabilities (PSCD)

Top 10 Picks 

Key: PS (Preschool 3-5 years), ES (Elementary grades K-3)


  1. Switch Kids and Switch Basics-cause/effect switch software to teach basic concepts (by Soft Touch and Simtech Publications) Key: PS
  2. Teach Me to Talk-vocabulary & receptive language skills & Old MacDonald’s Farm Deluxe-emerging language skills (by SoftTouch) Key: PS
  3. Boardmaker Plus! ver. 6.0 , version 5.0, &  Picture This for Boardmaker-design software for making communication boards, templates, picture cards, and displays.  Ver 6.0 Plus is now talking software (by Mayer-Johnson) Key: PS, ES
  4. Print "N" Learn Community and Thematic Units-Boardmaker add-on software-used for making communication boards, templates, picture cards, and displays (by Mayer-Johnson Co.) Key: PS, ES
  5. Millie and Bailey Preschool and Kindergarten-pre-academics (by Riverdeep/Learningneeds) Key: PS
  6. Wheels On The Bus (by Bright Star Therapeutics Corp.) Key: PS
  7. Jump Start Toddler, Preschool & Grade School-teaches basic skills and concepts (by Knowledge Adventure) Key: PS, ES
  8. IntelliTools Classroom Suite, version 4.2 (IntelliTalk; IntelliPics Studio, IntelliMathics) (by IntelliTools) Key: PS, ES
  9. Living Books Series-Interactive books on CD Rom (by Broderbund) Key: PS, ES
  10. Songs I Sing at Preschool, Wheels on the Bus, and Monkeys Jumping On The Bed-(by SoftTouch) Key: PS

     1. Big Red, Jelly Bean switches (by AbleNet) for use with adapted toys and devices Key: PS,ES
     2. BIGmack, LITTLEmack, Super Talker Communicator-single and multiple message communication devices
     (by AbleNet Inc.) Key: PS, ES
     3. IntelliKeys USB-alternative keyboard compatible with Windows XP OS (by IntelliTools) Key: PS, ES
     4. Adapted Toys-for use with switches (by Enabling Devices & Crestwood Company) Key: PS
     5. Tech/Talk/TechSpeak/TechFour-multiple message communication devices (by Mayer-Johnson Co.) Key: PS, ES
     6. GoTalk 9, 20 message, Go Talk 4-multiple message communication devices (by Attainment Inc.) Key: PS, ES
     7. BookWorm Literacy Tool-Makes any book a talking book
(by AbleNet Inc.) Key: PS, ES
     8. 7-Message Talker-Take "N" Talk device mounted on the wall (
by Enabling Devices) Key: PS, ES

Last Update:  6/22/11

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