Software Recommendations

LI-Mild Moderate

Top 10 Picks 

Key: ES (Elementary 1-4), MS (Middle 5-8), HS (High School 9-12)

  1. Kurzweil 3000, to Scan, Read, Write(talking word processor, word prediction, audio files)by Cambium Learning Key: ES, MS, HS
  2. Co:Writer 4000-word prediction software (by Don Johnston) Key: MS, HS and Write OutLoud, Version 3-talking word processor with Franklin spell checker/dictionary (by Don Johnston) Key: ES, MS, HS
  3. Read and Write, Version 4-word prediction software, talking word processor with spell checker/dictionary, Homonym support, Abbreviation Expansion (by textHELP!) Key: MS, HS
  4. Start to Finish Books on CD Rom-low vocabulary, high interest stories i.e. classic literature, mysteries, sports, U.S. History (by Don Johnston) Key: MS, HS
  5. Dragon Naturally Speaking-speech recognition software (by ScanSoft or Lab Resources) Key: HS
  6. Get Utility-transfer software, KeyWords, and CO:Writer-keyboarding software and SmartApplets for the AlphaSmart 3000 (by AlphaSmart) Key: ES, MS, HS
  7. Kidspiration 2 and Inspiration-semantic webbing software for organization of ideas (by Inspiration) Key: ES, MS, HS
  8. MathPad and MathPad Plus-on screen math program, also works with the IntelliKeys alternative keyboard (IntelliTools Calssroom Suite by IntelliTools) Key: ES, MS, HS
  9. Edmark Early Learning Series for math, reading, science, time concepts (by Riverdeep/Learningneeds) Key: ES
  10. Let’s Go Read!2-early reading program with IBM speech recognition (by Riverdeep/Learningneeds) Key: ES
  11. American Heritage Talking Dictionary-(by The Learning Company) Key: ES, MS, HS
  1. AlphaSmart 3000-alternative word processor (by AlphaSmart) Key: ES, MS, HS
  2. IntelliKeys-alternative keyboard (by IntelliTools) Key: ES, MS, HS
  3. Talking Calculators-(by Attainment) Key: ES, MS, HS
  4. Auditory Cueing Devices-Time Pad, Digi Pad (by Attainment) Key: MS, HS
  5. Speaking Homework Wiz (by Franklin) Key: ES, MS

Last Update:  6/22/11

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