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The Scanned textbooks are NOW AVAILABLE on the COMMON DRIVE at all schools. Go to the Common Drive-Kurzweil Universal Library-Kurzweil Books-1st Grade-High School folders by subject to find the book you need.

Your district AT Lending Library POC also has copies of the scanned textbooks before SY 10-11 (when they first started being placed on the Common Drive). 

The Chafee Amendment-specifies that it is not a violation of the Copyright Act for authorized non-profit agencies to reproduce or distribute copyright-protected works for persons with certain specific verifiable disabilities.[16] This provision, named after the bill's sponsor, Senator John Chafee of Rhode Island, enables individuals with qualifying disabilities to obtain printed materials in alternative formats. The process dictated by the Chafee Amendment requires that authorized entities screen recipients and provide access to their collections for only those users that are able to demonstrate qualifying disabilities.

Last update  08/21/12

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