Software Recommendations

Speech/Language Pathologist (SLP)

Top 10 Picks 

Key: PS (Preschool 3-5 years), ES (Elementary grades K-3), MS (Middle School grades 4-6), HS (High School grades 7-12)

  1. Earobics Step I, Step II,and Adolescent (by Cognitive Concepts) Key: ES, MS, HS
  2. Teach Me to Talk-vocabulary & receptive language skills and Old MacDonald’s Farm Delux-emerging language skills (by SoftTouch Key: PS
  3. Tiger's Tale-language, articulation, fluency, literacy, First Words, First Verbs-early developing nouns and verbs, Talking Verbs, Nouns I, II (by Laureate Learning) Key: PS, ES (Overlays also available for the IntelliKeys (by IntelliTools)
  4. Boardmaker Plus! ver. 6.2 (Interactive) and Boardmaker 5.0-used for making communication boards and displays, Artic-U-Print Addendum CD for Boardmaker (by Mayer-Johnson Co.) Key: PS, ES
  5. Articulation I, II, III, Phonology, Phonemic Awareness, Language Attention Bundle (by Locu-Tour MultiMedia/Learning Fundamentals) Key: PS, ES, MS
  6. StoryTime Tales/CircleTime Tales Deluxe-early reading software and Eensy and Friends-interactive nursery rhymes (by Don Johnston) Key: PS, ES
  7. IntelliTools Classroom Suite ver. 4.2: IntelliTalk II, IntelliTalk III -talking word processor (by IntelliTools) Key: PS, ES, MS
  8. Edmark Early Academic Series (by Don Johnston) Key: PS, ES
  9. Living Books Series-Interactive books on CD Rom (by Broderbund) Key: PS, ES
  10. CELF-4 Scoring Assistant (by Psychological Corporation) Key: ES, MS, HS

    1. BIGmack, Step-by-Step Communicator and Step-by-Step Communicator with Levels,
    SpeakEasy-beginning communication devices (by AbleNet Inc.) Key: PS, ES

    2. IntelliKeys USB-alternative keyboard (by IntelliTools) Key: PS, ES
    3. Tech/Talk/Speak/Four-multiple message communication devices (by Mayer-Johnson Co.) Key: PS, ES
    4.  GoTalk, GoTalk4-multiple message communication devices (by Attainment) Key: PS, ES
    5.  Chat PC II-Communication device with levels and dynamic display-
(by Mayer-Johnson Co.) Key: ES, MS, HS

Last Update 6/22/11

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