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Boardmaker 5.0 by Mayer-Johnson

For installation on the new leased Dell Optiplex computers:

Step 1 Install Windows Service pack 3 (SP3) if not already installed.

Step 2 Install the "Intel Application Accelerator" program, which should be updated if installed. Here is the link for that program: (if not already installed).

Step 3 Install the Boardmaker Program from the CD.  You must be in the Administrative mode when installing
the Boardmaker CD on computers running Windows 2000.

Step 4 Then download the 5.3.7 Boardmaker Updater from the Mayer-Johnson web site at:

http://www.mayer-johnson.coBoardmaker Updates for Windows

(Click on Software Updates (Windows)>Scroll down to Version 5.3.7 updater.
Boardmaker/SDP Updates Instructions:

1. Click the name of the update to start the download.
2. Save on your Desktop.
3. Double-click the .EXE file on your Desktop to apply the update,
Released on 05/24/06.

 When this is finished restart the computer so all the updates will take effect.

Step 5 Double click on the Boardmaker Icon with the CD in the drive and it should open up with no problems.

Last Update 9/28/06